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Ag News and Views: June 2003

Know Where to Look for Information

It seems we are all bombarded with so much information, we have a difficult time just getting to the information we really want. As you search for information, how many times do you hear "It is on...

Native Plant Communities are Very Important for Wildlife

The most important concept to understand for successful wildlife management is the role of native plant communities - without them, most wildlife species cannot exist.

New Research and Demonstration Projects Underway in 2003

I would like to introduce the new research and demonstration projects that will be started in 2003. Since there are 11 new projects this year, I will have to report on these over the next several articles, starting with those that began this spring.

Organizations Provide Useful Resources for Farmers, Ranchers

In agriculture, it is important to stay current with technology and research, network with others in the field and discover the resources out there for farmers and rancher.

Ranchers Can Manage Calving Seasons

When cows have calves has a tremendous influence on the profitability of a cattle operation.

What Can You do to Reduce Production Costs?

Unless you have already determined that you are a low-cost producer, or plan to sell your cows in the next two or three years, looking at ways to reduce cost should be important.

What You Need to Know About Plant Variety Protection

Farmers who buy illegally sold seed are subject to litigation, so be certain that any seed sold is not protected.