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Ag News and Views: February 2003

Beaver Damage Preventable With Appropriate Techniques

There are ways to prevent beaver damage while coexisting with beavers. Most human-beaver conflicts can be prevented with relatively permanent nonlethal techniques.

Don't Use Calendar Dates to Terminate Wheat Grazing

Using a calendar date to pull cattle off wheat pasture is risky because a number of variables affect jointing, including weather conditions, variety and planting date. To avoid grain yield loss, all grazing should stop at first hollow stem or "jointing."

Good Pruning Tools Make Job Easier

Pruning chores are much more bearable when you're using high-quality loppers, hand pruners and saws.

Is There a Niche for Eastern Gamagrass in Southern Oklahoma?

Eastern gamagrass was a component of plant communities primarily in the eastern half of Oklahoma prior to European settlement and can still be found in areas not subjected to grazing pressure. This native grass is capable of producing forage of high quantity and quality - however, lack of producer familiarity, high seed costs and necessary grazing management practices have reduced the acceptance of eastern gamagrass in this region.

Sale Barn Surveys Show Trends in Premiums, Discounts

Three sale barn surveys conducted by the Extension service in Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas have attempted to determine the premiums and discounts received by feeder calves with various characteristics - and while the absolute numbers vary somewhat, trends are evident.

Who is Going to Get the Bulk of Your Estate?

Ill-advised or misguided action or complete inaction may allow taxes and probate to take a large portion of your estate and allow someone else to determine how your estate is distributed.