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Ag News and Views: April 2003

Coming Soon: Removable Top Hoop Houses

Removable top hoop house technology may increase the profitability of early and late season crop production.

Ongoing Study Yields Further Developments on Aging White-Tailed Deer

A Noble Research Institute study has called into question the established techniques for placing adult deer into specific age categories.

Supply Side of Cattle Market Looks Good

Beef demand is high and cattle inventories declined in 2002 for the seventh straight year.

Think Before Applying Fertilizer

Some producers apply the same amount of fertilizer on all their land. Some fertilize their poorer quality soils more heavily. Others spend the majority of their fertilizer money on their best soils. What is the best strategy?

Top Ten Forage-Related Items to Consider for 2003

Useful tips for forage producers and managers.