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Ag News and Views: June 2002

A Secchi Disk is Used to Measure Water Clarity

Standardized measurement of water clarity helps monitor changes that can affect production of fish and aquatic plants, and a Secchi disk is a simple, standard tool used to measure clarity.

Boys will be Boys...and Cows will be Cows

The old adage "Boys will be boys" can be modified to apply to cattle: boys are influenced by their friends, and cattle are influenced by their herd mates; boys find the easiest way to do something, so do cattle. Understanding cattle behavior can benefit a grazing operation.

Determining Cost of Production is Useful to Cattle Producers

Since producers have little control over areas outside their ranches, focusing on management at the ranch level is essential and determining your ranch's cost of production is helpful in making management decisions.

How will the Next Census of Agriculture Influence Foundation Programs?

In order to adequately serve the needs of land managers in our service area, we must constantly evaluate our services, the needs of land managers, services provided by others and the factors that impact land managers. We are already speculating about what the next agricultural census data will show and how we may need to respond.

Proper Management of Bermudagrass for Hay Helps Assure a Positive Return

Fertilizer, swathing, raking, baling and labor expenses can push the cost of haying bermudagrass up to $30/ton or more. With that kind of investment, it's important to implement proper management to assure a positive return.

The Debate Continues...Native Versus Improved Pecan Varieties

The differences between growing native and improved pecan varieties are still causing confusion among growers.

Water is the Most Important Nutrient

Nutritionists and producers alike often take for granted the most important nutrient, the one required in the greatest amount by any class of livestock - water.