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Ag News and Views: August 2002

Following Guidelines could Maximize Winter Pasture Production

It's time to begin preparations for planting winter pasture in the fall, and following some suggestions regarding planting date, fertilization and seeding rates can help your pastures reach maximum production potential.

Maintaining Sprinkler Systems Help Conserve Water

Sprinkler systems are a time-saving tool for property owners, but they can be water-wasters if they're not working correctly and at this hot, dry time of year, it's especially important to use water properly.

Soil Sampling is the Key to a Good Test

Soil test results are only as good as the soil sample that is sent to the lab so here are some tips for taking a good sample and an explanation of why each component of taking the sample is important.

Tall Fescue Toxicity Leads to the Development of 'Max Q'

Tall fescue is the cool-season perennial grass grown on the most land area in the United States, but the majority of the acreage is infected with a fungal endophyte that causes toxicosis in grazing animals. To combat that problem, researchers have developed MaxQ fescue varieties

When does Making Hay become Feeding Hay?

Sometimes the mindsets behind making and feeding hay are as different as night and day - so before making and feeding hay can be considered synonymous, factors like nutritive value and storage have to be kept in mind by buyers and sellers.

Which came First ... the Cow or the Beef?

This thought-provoking cattle version of the old chicken-and-egg adage come to mind when looking back to the Jan. 1, 2002, cattle inventories and outlook forecasts.

Wildlife Unit Study Examines Deer Response to Camera Flash

The Wildlife Unit is conducting an on-going study about infared-triggered camera surveys this article is the first of two parts and will address the effect of camera flash on deer.