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Ag News and Views: March 2001

Cleanup of Pecan Trees Broken by Ice Storms

Now that the storm is over, the ice is gone, and the soil is beginning to dry, it's time for the cleanup, but how, what, and where?

Grass Mechanics 101

When you compare forage yields, you find that all grass is not created equal. However, when you look closely at grasses, you find that they all have the same parts.

Icy Tax Issues

Some pecan producers have asked whether you can deduct a loss for ice-damaged trees on your tax return. First, you need to determine whether the trees have a tax basis.

Lease-Hunting Income

We receive many questions from landowners regarding recreational leasing enterprises, including pricing recommendations. In 1999 we contracted to manage a lease-hunting enterprise to gain additional local experience with the subject.

Replacement Heifer Management

An effective replacement heifer development program requires more time, labor, and resources than does the mature cow herd. However, if managed efficiently, heifer development can be profitable.