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Retirement Fever Becomes Contagious

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The retirement of five of the Noble Research Institute Ag Division staff means over 144 years of experience is leaving. Most of you who read this will understand the contribution these people have made to agriculture, not only in this region, but also across the United States and beyond.

R. L. Dalrymple and Charles Griffith both began their nearly thirty-seven-year career at the Noble Research Institute February 3, 1964. They have been dedicated to forage production and management systems the entire time. Although much of their knowledge has been captured in publications, a significant amount will leave with them.

Wayne Dobbs, Farm Manager at the Pasture Demonstration Farm, began work at the Noble Research Institute October 31, 1966. He began his career here as a farm technician.

Jerry Rogers became a soil fertility and crops specialist June 5, 1969. He has not only served as a specialist, but also conducted research and been responsible for directing the development of the database now used by the Ag Division.

Larry Taliaferro was working on the Red River Research and Demonstration Farm when it was purchased in 1973. After a few years, he left full-time employment and handled the pecans on a contract basis. He resumed full-time employee status February 27, 1995, as Farm Manager at the Demonstration Farm.

Many of you will no doubt miss the expertise and services of these men just as we will. All of them have been a valuable asset to the Noble Research Institute and many of you. Although they retired December 31, 2000, if you wish to send mail to them we will be glad to forward it or provide contact information.