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Our Mission and You

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Posted Dec. 1, 2001

When the Agricultural Division began to operate according to new guidelines in June 2000, we had a new mission statement to direct our decisions. Included were specific goals and objectives to guide us into 2002 and beyond. Many of you have been impacted by the actions resulting from the new goals and objectives and the responses have generally been positive.

Our first priority was to become more efficient and effective in providing information and services to those who manage the land. Although we are still evaluating the results and making adjustments, it appears we are being successful.

A portion of our mission statement includes collaboration with other organizations, including the various agricultural agencies. We have always collaborated with several organizations, but the future plans include increased partnerships. It is obvious that no one group can handle all the challenges of today, much less tomorrow.

The last sentence in our mission statement is very clear that our success depends on the achievements of the land managers, who we call cooperators, and on the achievements of those we collaborate with. If you have suggestions about how all of us can work together to assist each other, please contact me.

Our mission statement is:
The Noble Research Institute Agricultural Division is a knowledge-based resource providing guidance to people in the pursuit of conservation and responsible management of renewable natural resources, focusing on southern Oklahoma and northern Texas. To help agricultural producers and other stewards of natural resources achieve their financial, production and quality of life goals, we provide decision support in the form of information application through consultation and other educational activities. We will strive to discover and demonstrate practices and technologies that help producers and stewards of this great land manage and conserve natural resources. We will integrate our accumulation of new knowledge and experience with that of other organizations and producers to help people help each other practice responsible and effective land management and agricultural pursuits. We measure ourselves by the achievements of our cooperators and collaborators.