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Ag News and Views: April 2001

From the Farm: April, 2001

Costs of treating sick cattle have always been a concern for producers. At the Noble Research Institute Pasture Demonstration Farm, we have been using a relatively new implant device from Ballistic Technologies that can shoot an antibiotic bullet into cattle from fifty feet away.

Gardening: A Healthy Activity

While surfing the Web recently in an effort to keep up to date on new gardening sites, I came across one that made the following offer: "Swap your Thighmaster for something useful - a free book on...

Spring Clean Your Breeding Program

Spring is in the air, and hopefully green-up on native and introduced pasture is occurring and your winter forage is adequate until summer pastures are ready to graze. However, there are a few spring-cleaning issues that you may want to consider for your livestock operation.

The Early Bird May Not Be the Bird for You

One of the reasons people fail to attract martins is improper housing location. Timing is a critical component of attracting martins. Competition from other species greatly discourages martins from taking up residency.

To Fertilize, or Not: Is There Really Any Question?

As another article in this issue of News and Views explains, nitrogen fertilizer prices are tied to natural gas prices and, therefore, are much higher than they were last year. This increase is a...

Why Are Nitrogen Prices So High?

Nitrogen fertilizer prices have been high for several months now. In some cases, the price has gone up 50 percent or more. Why is it increasing?