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Ag News and Views: November 2000

Bigger Buck for Your Bang

Conversations around deer camp inevitably get around to management practices designed to increase the antler size of white-tailed bucks. Discussion usually includes the latest clover seed guaranteed...

Nutritional Management: A Tale of Two Seasons

Advantages of a controlled calving season include more uniform nutrition for the cow herd and less need for supplementation.

Risky Business: Bermudagrass Fertilization

Applying nitrogen to bermudagrass can improve forage quality and productivity. Land managers must decide if the expense is worth the potential reward.

Soil-Pecan Relationships

Continued stewardship of the soil is necessary for pecans to stay productive, and annual management decisions could affect the future of your trees greatly.

Using Grazing Records to Make Management Decisions

Using grazing records to record grazing days per acre (GDA) and using GDA to determine other factors, such as cost per GDA, estimated yields, and paddock comparisons can be a useful management tool.