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Ag News and Views: May 2000

Implants and Implant Strategies

Research has repeatedly proven the benefits of implanting cattle. Generally, a low-potency implant administered to suckling calves at first working (about four months of age) will increase weaning weights by 7.5-10 percent.

Making an Informed Seed Purchase

Knowledge is power. This adage can be applied to purchasing decisions, whether regarding buying a house, seed, or fencing wire. After you read this article, you should be able to make a "powerful" decision the next time you purchase seed.

Peanut Rotation Study

Peanuts are susceptible to a host of foliar and soil-borne diseases. Peanut fields rotated with other crops are generally less susceptible to diseases, weeds, and insects. Yields and quality usually improve with rotations.

Planning to Succeed

Farming without a business plan is like hauling products from coast to coast without a road map. What is involved in creating a business plan for an agricultural operation?