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The Restructured Agricultural Division

Posted Mar. 1, 2000

The May, 1999 issue of NF Ag News and Views contained an article about restructuring of the Agricultural Division. Strategic planning and other events have caused some additional changes that affect many of you. Effective February 1, 2000, the Agricultural Division is managed by an Ag Management Group (AMG). The Administrative Coordinator and Support Manager (ACSM) is chairman of the AMG and is responsible for education, research, demonstration and support services. The four consulting teams are led by Team Managers, who also serve on the AMG. The ACSM is assisted by an Education and Special Projects Manager (ESPM) and a Research and Demonstration Manager, along with associated staff.

Some of the major changes that affect our cooperators, and others, are changes in responsibilities for some of those who have been consulting specialists. Notice that Shan Ingram is now the ESPM, Wadell Altom is ACSM and Scott Landgraf is a Pecan Specialist. Hugh Aljoe is NF1 Team Manager, Paul Joerger is NF2 Team Manager, Matt Mattox is NF3 Team Manger and Fred Schmedt is NF4 Team Manager. Chuck Coffey has returned to NF2, as Forage Specialist. The significant changes are Chuck and Hugh changed teams, Scott Landgraf is a Pecan Specialist (although he will continue as a Soil Fertility Specialist until someone is hired), Shan Ingram is not a Livestock Specialist and Wadell Altom is not a Soil Fertility Specialist. We will be seeking people to fill vacant positions.

We believe these changes, and others still in the planning stages, will allow us to better serve those requesting our services. If you have any concerns or questions please contact a member of the AMG.