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Ag News and Views: March 2000

Dang 'Dillos!

We receive numerous calls every year from homeowners and other turf managers regarding armadillo damage to their landscape. Before discussing damage management methods, I want to discuss some basic biology of this curious animal.

Limit Winter Grazing as Protein Supplement

Producers frequently ask, "How long and how often should I allow cattle to graze winter pasture to meet their nutrient requirements?" We initiated research to gain some insight into this dilemma.

Mapping the Future

In January 1998, the Agricultural Division employed a digital imaging specialist, Tresa Runyan, who has tremendously enhanced our consultation efforts. One of the most useful tools for our...

The Beef Industry

For the last 130 years, cattle production cycles have been predictable. A production cycle usually lasts from nine to eleven years. Where are we in the cycle?

The Restructured Agricultural Division

The May, 1999 issue of NF Ag News and Views contained an article about restructuring of the Agricultural Division. Strategic planning and other events have caused some additional changes that affect...

What's a Good Bull Really Worth?

Because 80 percent of herd improvement is directly attributable to bull selection, determining what you can pay for a bull depends on more than finding the lowest price.