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Ag News and Views: July 2000

At the Mercy of the Weather

A fertilization study was conducted on bermudagrass grown at the Noble Research Institute's Pasture Demonstration Farm. Our data shows a definite relationship between rainfall and forage production and suggests that rainfall received during the growing season is critical.

Early Weaning is an Option

Above-average temperatures and low soil moisture have once again forced us to think about some drought management practices. Early weaning is one way to reduce the nutritional requirements of your cow herd and ultimately improve reproductive efficiency.

Parasite Problems

We receive several summertime calls from fishermen asking about fish infested with parasites. Most often, they are concerned about identification of the parasite and the safety of eating parasite infected fish. The most frequently observed parasites are flukes (grubs) in the larval stage, commonly seen on largemouth bass, bluegill, catfish, and other fishes.

Same Ol' Song, Different Verse

The weather cycle has been unforgiving for several years throughout southern Oklahoma and northern Texas, with little rainfall from late spring through summer. Here are some suggestions to help you adjust your herd structure, letting you weather drought better.

The Best Pecan Variety for the Site

When selecting the perfect pecan variety, you need to look farther than just the characteristics that are appealing when you eat pecans: large, plump, well-filled meats that are easy to shell. But you should look past these characteristics to the management structure: it may require a compromise.

Understanding Tax Basis

The basis one has in capital assets affects how much tax he or she will owe. There can be substantial tax savings with proper planning.