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Introduction of the eCattleLog

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Posted Dec. 1, 2000

Many of you are familiar with a publication called the CattleLog, which we published annually. Some of you have even inquired about it recently and want to know when this year's version is coming. Although popular, the CattleLog was difficult and time-consuming to publish and mail. It was also impossible to correct once it was printed, and the information became dated rapidly; thus, the apparent question was, Is it worth the effort?

We decided to alter the CattleLog and make it more useable and timely. So after months of planning, meeting, discussing, and testing, we are ready to introduce a new version called eCattleLog, a searchable database available on our Web site, www.noble.org/ag/ecattlelog.

The e-CattleLog has seven* categories:

  • Breeding and Replacement Cattle
  • Stocker/Feeder Cattle & Club Calves
  • Preconditioned Calves
  • Cattle Available for Contract Grazing
  • Pasture Available for Contract Grazing
  • Preconditioning/Backgrounding Operations
  • Cattle Sales (i.e., bull sales)


You may recognize most of these categories from the printed version. Each one is designed for a specific cattle-related purpose or group of cattle. The first three categories let you list cattle for sale. The fourth category allows you to offer cattle you would like to place on someone else's rented pasture. The fifth category will help people rent or lease their pasture. The sixth category allows people who operate preconditioning or backgrounding operations to make themselves known to potential customers. The final category allows you to list upcoming cattle sales or auctions. Of course, the whole idea behind the eCattleLog is to get buyers and sellers together, so your listings are available for potential customers to view.

The listing process is simple. If you want to create listings on our Web site, you must first register as a user and then make your listings by following the on-line instructions. Listings are good for ninety days or until you remove them. At the end of ninety days, a listing will be automatically deleted, unless you update it or verify that the listed information is still accurate. You may update a listing anytime something changes. If you sell your cattle or wish to remove a listing, you may do so anytime. Your listings are not available for viewing until they have been reviewed by someone at the Noble Research Institute for accuracy and consistency, but this process should take only a few days.

Anyone with Internet access can look at the eCattleLog listings without registering. Listings are searchable. If you want to see only listings for bulls in Oklahoma, you can do a specific search. You can print listings from the Web site or ask our publication distribution group to do it for you and mail them.

Some people have made comments like, "I don't have a computer" or "I like to look at a printed version." We realize not everyone has the same opportunities or preferences. We have printed forms that you can fill out and mail to us, and we will make your listings for you on the eCattleLog. Printed forms are available on request, or you may get a friend, neighbor, or anyone with Internet access and a printer to print the forms for you, but please note that forms are formatted to fit legal-sized paper. If you want a printed version of listings in a certain category, let our publication distribution group know, and they will print the current listings you are interested in, contact the Helpline at (580) 224-6500 or www.noble.org/ag/helpline.

We feel that this electronic version will be a much more useful publication once we get everything in place, and we are excited about this new format. Information can be kept current, and when mistakes occur, they can be corrected easily. A big bonus is that listings are available to a new and much bigger audience.

If you have questions or suggestions, let me know. We hope you enjoy using it!