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Ag News and Views: April 2000

A picture is worth a ?

For several years, advances in technology and creative thinking have led some deer researchers and managers to explore using infrared-triggered cameras over bait to monitor or estimate deer populations. It is imperfect, but it does hold a lot of promise.

Cattle Situation and Analysis

The United States Department of Agriculture's annual inventory report, Cattle, released January 28, indicated that cattle herd liquidation continued during 1999. All cattle and calves inventory declined to 98.048 million head, 1.1 percent below that of a year ago, marking the fourth year in a row that cattle producers reduced the size of the U.S. herd.

Managing Your Marketing Decisions

With weaning time fast approaching, the question becomes how to maximize income from the calves you have produced. Consider adding value to calves through pre- and postweaning management, as well as possible marketing alternatives.

Some Thoughts on Soil Aeration of Pastureland

Soil fertility specialists at the Noble Research Institute are frequently asked about the soil aeration of pastureland. I felt that Dr. Carl S. Hoveland summarized how we feel about this subject. This article is reprinted with his permission.

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is defined as maintaining the present without compromising the future. It got its real definition from Congress in the 1990 Farm Bill.

The Year 2000

Cow numbers peaked or were near their peak in 1975. Since that time, they have had an average annual decline of about 1 percent and a total decline of about 26 percent, but beef production (pounds on the market) has remained about the same. How has this happened?

To Water, or Not to Water?

Home & market gardeners can schedule irrigation several ways. Two methods we use at the Noble Research Institute include the soil ball squeeze test & tensiometers.