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Agricultural Testing Services Has Moved

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There have been many recent changes affecting the Agriculture Testing Services (ATS). In July we moved one-half mile west from our cramped quarters on The Noble Research Institute's campus to a much larger facility that was formerly a Pepsi Cola bottling plant. We have expanded our office and sample preparation area, and the new arrangement facilitates efficient use of our sample-processing machinery.

If you bring soil, hay, feed, or water samples to the Foundation for analysis, drop them off at the new location. Use the customary address if you mail your samples to the laboratory.

Tabby L. Campbell has joined twenty-six-year veteran Judy Vance in processing test samples. Her presence allows the ATS to remain open during lunch and for an additional hour each day; our new business hours are 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Judy will continue to work in the ATS laboratory and will head the new Agricultural Publications Department, which will be housed in the same building.

We have updated our computer software so that results from the testing laboratory's analyzation equipment can be sent directly to our computer system, shortening the interval between testing samples and reporting the results and reducing the possibility of making errors by entering the results manually.

We have revised the soil-test report form so that you can read it more easily and we have more room to write comments about the results. The back of the form now contains general information about soil testing procedures.

Our new facilities and computer programs will help streamline sample preparation and enable us to serve you better.