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Ag News and Views: November 1999

Habitat: the Foundation of Deer Management

The most neglected part of management is the importance of habitat. Deer are a product of theirs, and without it, there are no deer.

Strategic Planning

The times are changing in American agriculture. The new farm program with the acronym FAIR will impact all of agriculture, not just the major program crops. Genetically engineered plants and their companion chemicals will change the cost structure and yield potential of crop production.

What We are Learning from the Retained Ownership Program

For the past three years, the Noble Research Institute has conducted the retained ownership program to allow producers to evaluate the performance of their calves from weaning through slaughter. The...

Where Has All the Lovegrass Gone?

There is much less weeping lovegrass now than in the past because it fell into disfavor. Failure from not using CRG may have caused the most disenchantment with weeping lovegrass.