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Ag News and Views: March 1999

Changes are Coming to Agriculture Testing Services

The total number of forage, hay and feed samples processed by ATS in 1998 were up 1.82 percent over the average (3,625) of the past three years. Soil sample numbers (3,146) were down 1.17 percent for the same time frame. These numbers seem to indicate that the past year's harsh weather conditions had little affect on the sample counts.

New Forage Bermudagrass Variety

The name of the new bermudagrass, previously referred to as 74x21-6, will be Midland 99. Oklahoma State University, the developer of the variety, is cooperating with the Noble Research Institute, the USDA, and experiment stations in Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas in jointly releasing this new pasture grass variety.

Property Tax Exemption for Wildlife Management

For the past couple of years, landowners in the state of Texas have had the opportunity to claim a wildlife tax exemption on their property. Property owners have been provided this opportunity due in part to the booming wildlife recreation industry in Texas. At this time Oklahomans do not have this tax option. Maybe a look across the river will stir interest.

Re-stocking Considerations

Due to the severity of last summer's weather, many producers were looking at a cost of $400-500 to hay and feed from late summer to grass this spring. The economics of the situation at that time...

Tall Fescue is Usually a Preferred Forage

Since the beginning of the year, I have had several calls about Tall fescue. Some were asking about varieties to plant, the best time to plant or fertilize, etc. But I had one caller from eastern...

Urban Sprawl: Opportunity or Threat?

Growing high value crops is not for everyone. However, if you view urban sprawl as an opportunity to generate additional on-farm income as opposed to a threat to your way of life, give me a call.