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Ag News and Views: December 1999

Future of Farming and Ranching: Creating a Vision and Mission and Setting Goals

The longevity of farm and ranch operations can be determined partially by the manager's ability to develop a farm business plan, implement it, and monitor the outcome. The first step in developing the plan is to list the goals of the business. However, you should first devise the vision and mission statement to provide direction

Hoop House Production: Color It Pepper

The next time you are grocery shopping, check the prices for specialty (colored) bell peppers. They are anywhere from two to three times as much as green bell peppers. Retail prices as high as $3.00 per pound are not uncommon and are associated primarily with the additional cost (risk) involved in growing specialty peppers.

More About Yield Goals

We have written about the importance of yield goals but believe a review is needed. Those of you who have soils tested and want a fertilizer recommendation know that the expected yield (yield goal) has almost the same influence on the fertilizer recommendation as the soil test values. In many instances, the testing facility personnel assume a yield goal or send only the test results to the sample owner if they receive no yield goal with the soil sample.

New Legume Studies

We are frequently asked for advice on legumes. To help answer some of these questions, we have returned to performance testing of clover varieties to study yield, yield distribution, cold tolerance, and general adaptation to our region's environment. Also, we have begun to examine some legumes that, although not entirely new, have not received much attention or effort in the past: kura clover and annual medics.

Times and People Change: A New Approach to Herd Selection

In my early years, I tried to put new cooperators' commercial cow/calf enterprises on a long-term program of genetic improvement. That's how I was trained. Such a plan usually includes identifying...

Where, Oh Where, Are the Quail?

Recently, several of the Noble Research Institute's wildlife staff traveled to Abilene, Texas, to attend the North Texas Quail Symposium: Preserving Texas' Quail Heritage into the 21st Century. Information is summarized from the symposium explaining why quail are declining in some areas and are stable in others.