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What About This Fall?

Posted Sep. 30, 1998

The date of this writing is September 1. By the time it gets into your hands, I hope your ponds are full and your winter pasture is 6" tall, but what if this isn't the case? If you have spring born calves, what are they worth? The simple answer is, "They are worth what someone else is willing to pay you for them." The real question is "What criteria will that someone else use when calculating the price they are willing to give for your calves?" Without winter pasture, your calves will go to a dry winter program or to a feedlot.

The purpose of this article is not to project fall calf prices, but it is food for thought. Decreasing the cost of production or increasing the projected selling price will increase the maximum purchase price. Please note that these two examples do not include profit and remember it is difficult to stay in business achieving breakeven.