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Ag News and Views: November 2012

Farming-out Pecans

Usually pecans are either harvested "on the halves," splitting the crop equally between grower and harvester, or a price is paid per pound harvested. Another alternative is leasing the trees to another producer who will manage the trees totally, including fertilizing, spraying, pruning, harvest floor cleanup, harvesting and cleaning.

How Bad Is It?

The dry summer and fall last year, combined with this year's drought has set the stage for an abundant "weed crop" in 1999 due to a lack of forage produced this fall. The $64 question is, "What should you do, if anything, about all these weeds?"

Minimize Wildlife Consumption of Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins, toxins produced by fungi, are known to negatively affect mammals, birds, and fish. Some of the grain produced this year might have higher levels of mycotoxins due to drought related stresses during seed production.

Opportunity from Adversity

Hard times are a regular part of agriculture: drought, market lows, ever-increasing input costs, etc. Those who survive periods of extreme adversity adapt and emerge more knowledgeable, progressive, and committed.

Reflections on Troubled Times

I've spent considerable time this summer visiting with cooperators. Partly it was to assess how they were doing; partly it was to determine how we were doing delivering our services and to see how we might improve. I couldn't have picked a more difficult time for those I visited.

Understanding and Preventing Aflatoxin Poisoning

Aflatoxins are poisonous by-products produced from the fungi Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus. These fungi are found in the soil and are responsible for decomposition of plant materials.

Your Farm Economy

I realize that many of you will produce at a loss for 1998, but at what level and how that loss affects your balance sheet is a very important factor to the continued health of your operation.