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Ag News and Views: March 1998

Aquatic Vegetation in Ponds

Whether aquatic vegetation causes problems or not depends on the goals for the pond, the types of vegetation present, and the amounts of vegetation present. For most pond goals, it is very desirable to have some aquatic vegetation present.

Cropping Alternatives

No doubt forage crops are gaining popularity along with beef production. It seems a sizable portion of the land of this area is well adapted to forage production rather than high input crop production. I would like to address crop selection for the deeper, more highly productive soils.

Getting More Out of Your Grass

Over the past several years there have been numerous articles, testimonials, seminars, presentations, and short courses on grazing management. The audience for these efforts all work within a unique set of conditions, including rainfall amount and distribution, vegetation, terrain, time constraints, etc.

The Stuart Pecan

Though the Stuart is not among the more popular varieties being planted or grafted in Oklahoma today, we continue to list it among the varieties suitable for our state. It continues to grow relatively disease free in our part of the pecan belt.

Thin is not "In"

If your females have too much body condition to make up before the breeding season, there are some practices you may want to consider.

Winter Feed Costs

As this winter comes to an end, have you considered what it cost you to feed your cows this winter? In most operations, the highest annual cost per cow is for feed.