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New Feature Coming

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I wrote an article in our May issue outlining my perception of the differences in the way Texas and Oklahoma landowners perceive deer hunting as an opportunity for additional income. I asked for your input and have received several comments via telephone and letter. I better understand the situation as a result of these communications.

Those who replied from Texas have adapted to lease hunting and have come to rely on it for the extra income. Most who have replied from Oklahoma prefer the shorter season mainly because it reduces the amount of time that trespassers bother them.

While I don't intend to go into detail about the results of these communications, it did bring up a topic that we've chosen to address "Letters to the Editor." Because we've expanded the newsletter to add additional pages, we should have space to print letters or excerpts of letters from our readers. Topics might include simply asking for clarification on a previous article.

You might take exception to a recommendation made in one of our previous articles. You may wish to tell us what impact our recommendations have made on your operation. We cannot print every letter and space will vary per newsletter. If a letter raises a specific subject matter question, we will have one of our specialists write a response immediately after the letter.

We don't always have complete agreement on specific recommendations among our staff. That's why we call our newsletter Ag News & Views. One of the reasons we have such a loyal readership is because we are willing to share our opinions and stick our neck out from time to time. This gives you, the reader, a chance to respond in kind.