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Ag News and Views: February 2012

Bermudagrass Establishment

Establishment of bermudagrass is a major expense. Care should be taken to do everything possible to ensure success.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking requires discipline. You must learn to resist peer pressure and salesmanship, learn to ask questions and gather information, and develop relationships with people who can help you evaluate your options.

Dollars & Common Sense

A timely, costly, and many times mismanaged topic is winter feeding. I continually meet producers that have not heard of feeding their cows three days a week. Others have heard of it, but do not think it will work for them.

Funds for Wildlife: Government Programs Update

Four programs are slated to receive approximately 8 million dollars to be allocated toward natural resource improvement this year.

Newsletter Undergoes Changes

This is the first version of the new format for our Ag News & Views. Several factors enter into the choice for this new format. First of all, we have a new editor. If you read the back page of...

Nitrogen For Spring Small Grain Forage

This is the time of year to apply nitrogen (N) for spring small grain forage production. Many of the phone calls we receive this time of year concern the amount of N that is needed for spring forage production.

Seeding Rates for Crabgrass

Seeding for new stands is often needed to start the pasture process or to thicken naturalized stands. We conducted a study to determine seedling density and forage production at various seeding rates and methods.

Tree Seedlings Available

Several of our cooperators request sources of tree stock for planting on their places. The Oklahoma Forestry Division has a tree regeneration center where trees are grown for sale to landowners for non-landscape use.