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Hort Hints: October 1997

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Posted Sep. 30, 1997

Pecan leaves are the key to consistent annual production of pecan nut crops. This was originally proven by research at Oklahoma State University on mature trees and in more recent years by work in Georgia on younger bearing trees.

When diseases, drought, insects (such as webworms), etc., remove or cause leaves to drop early during the growing season, the present year's crop and future crops can be adversely affected.

Conclusion - Keep an abundance of green, healthy leaves on the trees to as near to the time of fall frost as possible.

The Okmulgee Chamber of Commerce still boasts of the record for making the World's largest pecan pie. During the 80's, pecan enthusiasts from Georgia competed annually with the Okmulgee Chamber of Commerce for bragging rights to the largest pecan pie. The title was passed back and forth between the two states several times during those years. Then in 1989 the Okmulgee chamber folks together with the Oklahoma State University at Okmulgee Culinary Department prepared and served to attendees of the 1989 Okmulgee Pecan Festival a pecan pie with statistics that stand today as the largest ever recorded.

The pie measured some 40 feet in diameter by 6 inches deep and tipped the scales at a mere fourteen tons - two tons shy of the weight of coal that the late Tennessee Ernie Ford sang about. The list of ingredients included: 77,770 cups of flour; 6,666 cups of shortening; 13,290 teaspoons of salt; 3,333 cups of water; 1,357 cups of margarine; 64,280 eggs; and 3,044 pounds of pecan kernels. Two new, steam-cleaned concrete mixer trucks were used to mix and pour this delightful dessert.

So, if you are having a few hearty friends or family members over in the next few days and need an interesting recipe for a tasty serving or two, contact these proud folks in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.