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Ag News and Views: October 1997

Box Type Parallel Bar Barrier

It functions as a trash guard that prevents large debris from flowing into and plugging a pond's overflow pipe. It deters beavers from plugging the overflow pipe. Such a barrier prevents grass carp larger than eight inches and adult game fish from leaving a pond through the overflow pipe.

Hort Hints: October 1997

Pecan leaves are the key to consistent annual production of pecan nut crops. This was originally proven by research at Oklahoma State University on mature trees and in more recent years by work in Georgia on younger bearing trees.

Manure Distribution in Paddocks

Some of the advantages of a rotational grazing unit are the fringe benefits of higher stock density when compared to more extensive grazing situations. One of the obvious benefits is the more uniform distribution of excrement within paddocks provided management is in line to control distribution.

Supplemental Feeding

Supplemental Feeding is simply supplying nutrients that are lacking in an animal's primary diet.

The Ability of Legumes

The ability of legumes to fix nitrogen has long been a fascination to forage producers. The nitrogen released from nodules benefits plants and increases forage production. Due to the hot and dry...

Which Enterprise is Making You the Most Money?

When you evaluate each of your enterprises, do you look at how much gross income they bring in or do you look at the amount of money left over after you have paid your bills? I would strongly encourage you to use your net income or money left over at the end of year to begin analyzing the viability of each of your enterprises.