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New Staff Members

Posted Oct. 31, 1997

There has been a great deal of activity here at the Noble Research Institute in recent weeks and months. By the time you get this we will have just completed our field day at the Red River Demonstration and Research Farm. (The Field Day was on October 22; this article was written on October 13.) We expect that to be a very successful event outlining the results of many diverse research and demonstration projects at that particular farm. Our staff and specialists have put a great deal of effort into preparing for this.

Additionally, we are welcoming new staff to the Ag Division. Rod Reed joined our staff on September 2. Rod obtained his bachelor's degree in animal science from Texas A&M University and his master's in agronomy from the same institution. After working for a few years with Louisiana State University, he moved back to Texas to work for the Texas A&M Research and Extension Center at Stephenville and completed a Ph.D. under Vivian Allen's direction at Texas Tech University. Rod will work on the NF4 team as a forage specialist.

Jeff Ball began working on October 1 as a soil fertility and crops specialist on the NF3 team. Jeff obtained his B.S. and M.S. degrees in agronomy at Oklahoma State University. After that, he worked as a Crop Management Specialist with Farmland Industries in Seneca, Kansas, where he worked for several Co-Ops in the region.

Matt Mattox has yet to join our staff but will do so on November 10. Matt obtained his bachelor's and master's degrees in range science at Texas A&M. He has since worked for the Natural Resource Conservation Service in several roles in Louisiana. He is currently the state range conservationist in that state. We are very happy to welcome all these new young faces and hope that you have an opportunity to visit with them in the very near future.