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Ag News and Views: June 2012

Controlling Aquatic Vegetation with Grass Carp

In many situations, the use of grass carp is an economical, long lasting, and effective option. However, grass carp are not appropriate for every pond. Whether grass carp should be stocked in a pond or not, depends on the goals for the pond.

Have You Made Your Marketing Plans for the Fall?

If you're a cow-calf producer and your spring calves are grazing with their mothers, there is no time like the present to begin making plans for how you are going to market those calves this fall.

Hierarchy of Nutrient Use by Beef Cattle

Each class of beef cattle has defined nutritional needs and uses the total nutrients consumed each day in a certain order of priority.

Some Cold Facts

The late freeze in April of this year inflicted severe damage to crops of some tree fruits and pecans in several areas of Oklahoma and north Texas. If it seems to you that cold weather damage to certain crops has become increasingly common in recent years - here are some statistics that agree with you.

The Haying Season Has Arrived

For many livestock producers, the haying season has arrived. It is now a race against time to reach hay production goals and capture some level of forage quality in the process.

Wintering Calves and Stockers on Stockpiled Bermudagrass

The Controlled-Rotation Grazing Unit at the Pasture Demonstration Farm has many facets and alternative techniques of forage and beef cattle management. The unit is somewhat stable in management approach, but we do adjust and/or add to it occasionally.