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Ag News and Views: July 1997

Controlling Livestock Distribution

Dividing a land resource with fencing into paddocks gives the operator control over livestock and allows him to allocate their grazing over a set period of time. How to fence a land resource can become a major issue, and thought and consideration must be given to establishing a fencing plan.

Deciding When to Cull Cows

Deciding when to cull cows from the herd and what time of the year to sell a cull cow can have a large impact on the profitability of your cow-calf enterprise. In many instances there just simply...

Determining Nutrient Supplying Ability of Soils

Determining the nutrient supplying ability of soils can guide decisions that may make the difference between profit and loss. Technology offers sophisticated electronic tools to manage farming in a site specific manner. Large data files contain soil test results and production records providing information for making accurate electronic decisions.

Me, Shoot a Doe?

Many hunters and deer managers in our area have accepted the necessity of doe harvest to effectively manage toward the common deer management goal of increasing buck body and antler size. Some, however, still object to this practice.

Tips for Stockers and Replacements Heifer Development

Around the middle of July forage quality generally declines. When this happens, the performance of stocker cattle and/or developing heifers grazing those forages will also decline.