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Ag News and Views: December 1997

BEEF. What does this mean to you?

If we reflect back fifty or more years, what did the term beef mean to most of the consuming public? Since I wasn't born, it's hard for me to know; however, I think beef was thought of as the premium red meat.

Managing Risk

Risk management increases value by decreasing the probability of financial distress and by assuring that funds, either equity or debt, are available when profitable investment opportunities arise.

Preparations for Spring

Winter is here again and many of us have already been supplementing our cattle for 60 or more days. The drought we experienced this summer drastically reduced the quantity of forage we typically have going into the winter.

Soil Acidity Solution

One of the most common and overlooked limitations in crop production is soil acidity. With the cultivation of the land and the harvest of high yielding crops, soil acidity has gradually increased and is becoming a problem throughout the region.

Spiders: Not All Bad, Often Misunderstood

It is true that there are a few spiders that are harmful to man, but the vast majority pose no threat, and are in fact beneficial.