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Ag News and Views: August 1997

All About Antlers

Antlers. For some folks-they are the stuff that dreams are made of. To many hunters, harvesting a large antlered buck represents the ultimate accomplishment. However, many people hunt their entire lives without getting the opportunity to realize this goal. Why is this so?

Demonstration Turf Grass Plot Area Under Development

We have started to develop a demonstration turf grass plot area on the Headquarters Farm south of our offices. It will complement the raised bed gardens and demonstration fruit orchard that are already established. The turf plots will be ready for viewing in the spring of 1998.

It's Time to Estimate Available Forage

If you have enough forage to last until the spring of 1998, then all you need to do is develop a supplementation program. However, most of us are not in this situation and will have to feed hay or grow additional forage.

Should Nitrogen be applied on Bermudagrass and Old World Bluestem this month?

In early August you should evaluate your existing forage supply and the amount of forage needed from then until next spring. If additional forage is needed, consider applying nitrogen to increase the standing forage or purchase hay.

Summer reminders

Summer is here! I don't think that's news to anyone but perhaps we need a reminder about some things that go along with summer.

Winter Pasture-Stocker Enterprises Made Impressive Impact on Profitability

During the 1996-97 season, returns to margin operators as measured by 'value of gain' have been the largest since 1990 and near the best of all time.