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New Cooperator Orientation Program

Posted Oct. 1, 1996

Recently, with a large influx of people requesting Noble Research Institute assistance, we have piloted a new cooperator orientation program to help new cooperators better understand our abilities and capabilities. This helps us better define our service. It has opened the eyes of some new cooperators to options they had not thought of. The first of these sessions seemed to go very well. We plan to continue these to help us catch up on our backlog of requests for assistance.

In the last year or two we've conducted an increasing number of tours for various groups interested in the ongoing research and demonstration work at Noble Research Institute demonstration farms and ranches. To an extent, they have reduced the time that our teams normally reserve for direct assistance to individual cooperators.

We are reassessing our tour efforts and ask for your advice in helping us improve them. We will not quit conducting tours! But we need to assess the number, timing, and subject matter covered. We know that ideas generated on these tours have been very helpful to many of you in the past. If you have any thoughts you wish to convey to us regarding the importance of tours to your operation or the impact that they may have had on your operation, please write or call me directly at the Noble Research Institute.

While we've had many difficulties this past year with drought and low cattle prices, much of our service area has received significant rainfall since July and prospects for the future look much better. We're all hopeful that cattle prices will stay up with the improved prospects for additional grass, feed, and wheat pasture grazing. All of us are looking forward to a turn around in the cattle cycle, but we should all rejoice with each small improvement whether that's a timely rain or a new born calf. We hope that your prospects for the future are brightening as much as our spirits have recently.