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Ag News and Views: July 2012

Cool Season Legume Establishment

Often legume seed are planted into perennial grasses without thought to the management needs of the legume being planted. We have a tendency to manage grass to its fullest potential with external inputs that are contrary to the management needs of the legume.

Developing Heifers - Keys to Success

Often times cow-calf producers have a difficult time incorporating replacement heifers into the cow herd with a high degree of success.

Forage Fertilization Considerations

Fertilizer application decisions are just one part of the total management required to operate the farm or ranch utilizing good business principles. As you estimate total forage needs and how to provide them at the least cost, all options should be considered.

Green Fireguards

A green fireguard can be a useful alternative to a bare soil fireguard or other types of fireguards. A green fireguard is managed to promote green vegetation and to minimize mulch.

Two Story Agriculture - Pecans and Livestock

For decades, combined income from this 'double' use of the land has been known to make crucial land payments, buy school clothes, and shoo the bad wolf from the back door. As with any successful marriage, concessions and compromises between the two enterprises are occasionally necessary.

Understanding the Mexican Cattle Industry

Why have Mexican cattle been attractive to United States cattlemen? There could be several answers to this question. However, I think the two most popular answers are that Mexican calves are generally thin and healthy.