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April 9 to April 15: Oh the Heights Researchers Go

Last Week in Noble Research

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Last week took Noble Research Institute researchers to the fields and laboratories – even to the tree tops. Here's a quick look.

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  1 Tuesday, April 11

Harvesting small grains.

  2 Thursday, April 13

Oh the heights researchers go to find answers to the pecan scab problem.

  3 Thursday, April 13

Triticale is a cross between wheat and rye.

  4 Friday, April 14

Mitosis under the microscope.

Mitosis is a process by which a parent cell divides into two genetically identical daughter cells. Observing mitosis in plants is typically one of the first lessons in introductory biology laboratory exercises. Here we reminisce on our biology I labs by presenting a collection of fixed Arabidopsis suspension cells at various stages of cell division. The two images to the left show cells at metaphase and anaphase. The cell on the top right shows a structure called a phragmoplast, which facilitates assembly of a cell wall between the two new daughter cells. Microtubules (green) function in separating the chromosomes (red). #everynoblestory #biology #cellbiology #arabidopsis #thegreatdivide #pullingapart #celldivision #plantbiology #plantcell #chromosomes #microscopy #microtubules #cytoskeleton @noblefoundation #mitosis #immunofluorescence #confocal #microscope #sciart #imageoftheday

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  5 Friday, April 14

There are advantages to researching in the laboratory, greenhouse and field.