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2020 Financial Report

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Statement of Financial Position

AssetsAs of Dec. 31, 2020As of Dec. 31, 2019
Accounts receivable and other assets1,705,6314,442,091
Marketable securities, at fair value, cost of $55,397,534 and $45,541,694, in 2020 and 2019, respectively:  
U.S. government securities11,314,99413,240,409
Corporate securities41,069,24426,048,641
Mutual and commingled funds7,302,3958,596,143
Total marketable securities59,686,63347,885,193
Property and equipment, net of accumulated depreciation87,464,95594,799,567
Total assets$153,810,089$151,293,909
Prepaid expenses1,636,3231,766,181
Liabilities and Net Assets  
Accounts payable and accrued expenses$3,936,148$4,195,175
Notes payable 880,000990,000
Liability for postretirement benefits4,600,0234,177,272
Total liabilities$9,416,171$9,362,447
Net assets without donor restrictions144,393,918141,931,462
Total net assets$144,393,918$141,931,462
Total Liabilities and Net Assets$153,810,089$151,293,909

Statements of Activities and Change in Net Assets

Net AssetsYear Ended 2020Year Ended 2019
Revenues, gains and losses:  
Interest and dividends$189,375$293,547
Net realized gains on investments, net of investment expenses7251,484,222
Net unrealized gain on investments2,337,3202,613,133
Grant and contribution revenue37,654,42026,455,000
Other miscellaneous program income6,715,6377,368,502
Total revenues, gains and losses46,897,47738,214,404
Program service expenses:  
Consultation and education8,768,43512,847,798
Total program service expenses51,397,41567,411,280
Support service expenses:  
Operational support4,000,3905,702,596
Total support service expenses4,470,9015,879,377
Provision for federal and state taxes:  
Unrelated business income tax benefit(8,290)
Total expenses55,868,31673,282,367
Expenses in excess of revenues, gains and losses(8,970,839)(35,067,963)
Gain on involuntary conversion11,790,41011,072,235
Postretirement benefit related changes other than net periodic costs(357,115)10,026,817
Change in Net Assets2,462,456(13,968,911)
Net assets, beginning of year$141,931,462$155,900,373
Net assets, end of year$144,393,918$141,931,462

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