From Noble. To Our Heroes.

This fall, members of the Noble Research Institute's Employee Team spent weeks gathering items to assemble care packages for the 158th Field Artillery Regiment of the Oklahoma Army National Guard, stationed in Afghanistan.

N Is for Noble

A visit from "Team Noble" honors local veterans as part of the Noble in the Community program.

Under the (Plastic) Dome

After nearly two decades, Steve Upson continues to preach the benefits of hoop house horticulture.

Fields of Green

Researchers from across the Noble Research Institute join forces through the Forage 365 initiative with the goal of providing year-round livestock grazing and reducing ranchers' dependence on buying hay.


Noble Academy, the Noble Research Institute's educational outreach program, partners with the Dallas Arboretum to teach the teachers.

Generation to Generation

The Varner family has passed two constants from father to son to grandson: a love of the land and a redefining relationship with the Noble Research Institute.

Mike Trammell

For the past 12 years, Trammell has served as a plant breeder for the Noble Research Institute, learning from some of the industry's most renowned breeders and continuing a tradition that stretches back to the earliest years of the organization.

Agriculture By the Numbers (infographic)

American agriculture provides jobs – including production agriculture, farm inputs, processing and marketing, along with retail and wholesale sales – for more than 22 million of the U.S. population.

The Hay Factor

Forage365 brings to bear all of the Noble Research Institute's expertise in genetic research, plant breeding, economics and agriculture with the express purpose of doing what is considered improbable reducing the need to feed hay.