Business Development

We are in the business of gaining knowledge and finding innovative ways to solve problems that face agricultural producers and, ultimately, consumers. To move solutions from our research farms and laboratories into the hands of those who need it most, we work with other organizations and businesses.

The Department of Business Development helps facilitate this process as it serves to:

  • Position the Noble Research Institute to fully leverage its existing and developing technologies, intellectual property, products, human capital, expertise, resources and the purposeful outcomes while creating and capturing value for the Noble Research Institute.
  • Advance the Noble Research Institute mission and vision through multifaceted collaborations with third parties in an effort to enhance agricultural science and benefit agricultural producers and consumers.
  • In furtherance of these two roles, the business development department:
  • Identifies opportunities for licensing relationships and scientific collaborations by developing relationships with capable third parties.
  • Engages individuals, stakeholders, and for-profit and nonprofit entities and educational institutions to identify agricultural challenges that need to be addressed.
  • Seeks to build relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations to promote and advocate for the creation, development and/or expansion of multiparty, statewide or nationwide initiatives and programs that advance agricultural policies, practices, applications and innovations benefiting agricultural producers and consumers.

Examples of successful efforts in this regard include developing the BoarBuster feral hog trap system in collaboration with Tactical Electronics and licensing the product to W-W Manufacturing.

Other examples including marketing improved small grains varieties through Oklahoma Genetics, East Texas Seed Company and Athens Seed Company. These recent examples build on the Noble Research Institute's history of successfully developing broader relationships with commercial partners like Forage Genetics Inc. and others.

Those interested in collaborating with the Noble Research Institute can contact Jeff Moen, director of business development, at or 580-224-6205.