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What will you do with the information I give you?

Other than the limited circumstance identified below, Noble Research Institute, LLC will not provide your name, phone number, mailing address or email address to others without your permission.

Some of our seminars and educational events are jointly conducted with outside organizations, for example, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension, Texas AgriLife and Natural Resources Conservation Services. Your contact information may be shared with these co-sponsors to facilitate event planning, registration and/or your attendance.

Why do I have to register for some sections of this website?

Most areas of noble.org require no registration to browse and view content. A few areas of the site require two-way communication between the Noble Research Institute and you. These sections require registration so we can obtain your contact information to enable such communications or provide you with requested services.

Why does the Noble Research Institute provide these services?

Lloyd Noble established the Noble Research Institute in 1945 in the wake of the Dust Bowl and economic devastation to Oklahoma's agricultural economy. He wanted to improve stewardship of the land to ensure it for generations to come. Noble's gift lives on through today's agricultural consultation and plant science research. We provide services and information to fulfill our founder's vision.

How do I get off a Noble Research Institute mailing list?

If you no longer wish to receive physical mail from the Noble Research Institute, please email websupport@noble.org, indicate you want to no longer receive certain publications or interests, and tell us the type of publication or the publication name (for example, Noble News and Views) that you no longer wish to receive. If you would like to be removed from an email list, click "Unsubscribe" within the footer of any email you have received from us.

Who do I contact about site suggestions or complaints?

We are always interested in hearing from you about improvements we can make or anything you like or don't like about noble.org. Email your thoughts to websupport@noble.org.