1. About

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

The purpose of The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation is to advance agricultural science and practice by conducting field and laboratory research, and by providing consultation to farmers, ranchers and land managers in the Southern Great Plains. Through its operations, the organization is committed to conserving and improving the soil, and fostering sustainable agricultural practices. In the philanthropic spirit of Lloyd Noble, the Noble Foundation also supports worthy charities through a program of grants with the aim of building stronger communities.

Vision Statement

The Noble Foundation will be a recognized leader in improving agricultural production. The Noble Foundation will generate purposeful outcomes of knowledge, technology, and products that benefit agricultural producers and consumers. The Noble Foundation will provide solutions to the agricultural challenges facing the region, nation and world, thereby contributing to improved global food security. Equal to these activities, the Noble Foundation will offer consistent philanthropic support to nonprofit organizations.

Values Statement

In the conduct of its operations to fulfill the vision and mission established by our founder, Lloyd Noble, the Noble Foundation believes in the values of individual integrity and accountability, employee development, maintaining a safe workplace, and transparent communication throughout the organization.

Operational Principles

The Noble Foundation's operational principles are rooted in the vision of our founder, Lloyd Noble. They are to:

  • Advance sustainable agricultural practices and policies, including safeguarding the soil for future generations.
  • Give generously through our philanthropic efforts to worthy nonprofit organizations that promote the values of Lloyd Noble and the mission of the Noble Foundation.
  • Distinguish ourselves through leadership, education, discovery and responsible stewardship of resources.
  • Conduct research that generates knowledge and solutions for producers and consumers around the world.
  • Provide value-added education to farmers, ranchers and land stewards.
  • Educate future generations on the importance and virtues of agriculture and resource stewardship.