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Cover Crop Series: Vivant and Hunter Hybrid Turnips

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Vivant and Hunter Hybrid Turnips are brassica hybrids. They grow and look very similar to each other. As brassicas, they are generally considered to be cool-season plants but can be used in warmer weather if adequate rainfall is timely. If adequate rainfall does not occur, they may not be productive. Biomass production in the summer will be low. They do not make a bulb like a turnip but instead make a taproot typical of other broadleaf plants. Seeding rate was 9 pounds per acre.

About the Cover Crop Series

The Noble Research Institute is testing dozens of cover crop species with potential to help build soil health in the Southern Great Plains. This series features the cover crops we've grown on our Headquarters Farm in southern Oklahoma. These videos explore our results on establishment and growth, ground cover potential, and weed control for each crop.