1. Staff

Twain Butler, Ph.D.


Current Research

The Problem

As new technologies and cultivars are developed, livestock producers need to know the best management practices and economics prior to making the decision to adopt these new practices on their operation.

The Approach

We evaluate tall fescue, alfalfa, wheat and bermudagrass grazing systems to determine the optimal forages for the Southern Great Plains. The number of grazing days, average daily gain and total gain per acre are measured so that an economic analysis can be performed.

Current Projects

  • Production and economics of grazing cool-season forage systems
  • Production and economics of grazing bermudagrass systems
  • Development of high through-put phenotyping systems
  • Evaluation of cover crop species (pending grant)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Agronomy, Texas A&M University, 2000

Project Title: Integrated imaging and modeling toolbox for accelerated development of root focused crops at field scales
Collaborators: Lead: Yuxin Wu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Subaward: Elison Blancaflor, Xuefeng Ma and Twain Butler, Noble Research Institute
Term: 2017 to 2022

Project Title: Cover crop germplasm and breeding in support of new cultivar development
Collaborators: Twain Butler, Zengyu Wang, Xuefeng Ma, Robert Myers, John Guretzky, Chris Reberg-Horton and Steven Mirsky
Source: Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, Noble Research Institute
Term: 2017 to 2022

Project Title: Establishment of switchgrass for biomass cropping systems
Source: Ceres Inc.
Term: 2009 to 2012

Project Title: Best management practices for switchgrass in a biomass cropping system
Source: Ceres Inc.
Term: 2006 to 2009

  • Crop Science Society of America C-6 Grad Student Competition Chair, 2015
  • Crop Science Society of America C-6 Chair (Symposium Organizer), 2014
  • Merit Award, American Forage and Grassland Council, 2013
  • Outstanding Young Scientist Award, Crop Science Society of America, 2012