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Computational Biology Bioinformatics Laboratory

The Computational Biology Bioinformatics Laboratory seeks to advance bioinformatics, comparative plant 'omics' and "big biodata" analytics, with a specific focus on the research and development of innovative computational methods and analytical tools (e.g., software, web servers and web services) and bioinformatics resources, including integrative biological databases and breeder's toolboxes, to facilitate the discovery of novel genes, annotation of unknown genes, interpretation of genotype-phenotype (G2P) associations for economically important plant traits, and annotation of plant- and soil-related microbial genomes, such as the genomes of alfalfa (Medicago sativa), deeply sequenced Medicago truncatula ecotypes (e.g. A17, R108) in the Medicago HapMap core collections, model grass genomes (e.g. Brachypodium distachyon, Setaria viridis, Panicum hallii) and plant-beneficial microbes that are closely related to alfalfa, wheat, tall fescue and bermudagrass. The tools and resources generated will be of great benefit to both basic sciences and modern genomics-assisted plant breeding, providing valuable information, such as knowledge of key regulators, of agriculturally important traits.

Zhaohong Zhuang, Ph.D.
Zhaohong Zhuang, Ph.D.

Research Assistant

Advancing Bioinformatics