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Be Prepared for Winter Weather

Stocker cattle producers have many challenges to manage: animal health, increasing costs of inputs and fluctuating cattle prices. However, one of the most difficult challenges may be Mother Nature.
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José Dinneny: Stressed! How plants cope through dynamic responses.

José Dinneny, Ph.D., from the Department of Plant Biology at Carnegie Institution for Science, presented "Stressed! How plants cope through dynamic responses" as part of the Research Seminar Series at 10 a.m., Thursday, Nov. 16.

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Prussic Acid Poisoning in Grazing Livestock

To prevent prussic acid poisoning, livestock should not graze sorghum or sorghum-sudan grass hybrids immediately after frost, drought or other stress.

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Fulbright Program Selects Mysore for Research Fellowship

Noble Research Institute professor and principal investigator Kiran Mysore, Ph.D., has been selected for a Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowship.