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Plant Physiology

Plant physiology is the study of organism-scale biological processes crucial for plant growth and response to the environment, including photosynthesis, respiration, plant nutrition, water relations,...
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Wheat research benefits producers

Producing plant cultivars is like releasing a new technology. Technology changes with the times and allows us to purchase the latest computer or smartphone. New varieties of plants (called "cultivars") are much the same - always changing.
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Plant Breeding

Plant breeding is the science of changing plant genetics to create new varieties with increased productivity or value-added traits, such as drought tolerance, nutritional value or disease resistance....
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Applied Agriculture

At the Noble Research Institute, applied agricultural research is a multidisciplinary program that develops and demonstrates technologies and practices that can be implemented by agricultural...
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Producer Relations

Since its inception, the Noble Research Institute mission has focused on fostering land stewardship, conserving the soil, and providing insight and education for agricultural producers. The producer...
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5 Resources on Invasive Species

Groups across the nation are celebrating National Invasive Species Awareness Week this week, Feb. 27 through March 3. An invasive species is a plant, animal or other organism that is nonnative to the...
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April 2 to April 8: Growth and Golgi Bodies

From under the microscope, to the field, to the sky, the Noble Research Institute approaches agricultural research from various angles. Here's a quick look at a few of those angles from this week....
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Aquatic plants added to Noble plant image gallery

ARDMORE, Okla. — The Noble Research Institute Plant Image Gallery is designed to assist farmers and ranchers, botanists, ecologists, natural resource managers, educators and hobbyists identify plants...
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Fall Cattle Seminar

As fall approaches, beef cattle producers in the Southern Great Plains are preparing to wean calves and develop plans to get the cow herd through the winter. This seminar will focus on issues key to...
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Determining the Value of Weathered Hay

The drought of 2011 is set to go down in the record books as one of the most severe in history. Most livestock producers in the Southern Great Plains have not been able to put up enough hay to meet their requirements in a normal growing season, let alone during a drought when they will have to start feeding hay earlier in the year.
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