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Measuring the Hidden Half of Forages

Noble researchers are developing technologies that allow them to uncover roots and harness their ability to generate more nutrient-efficient, more resilient and more sustainable plant varieties.

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Seeing the Calcium in Plant Root Cells Could Benefit Growth on Earth and in Space

Researchers at Noble are developing tools to better understand how roots sense their environment, including the soil in which they grow. By studying calcium as a carrier of messages within the root, they expect to build knowledge that will lead to grazing lands that are more resilient to harsh environments.

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York Receives Inaugural Early Career Open Science Award

Noble Research Institute assistant professor Larry York, Ph.D., recently received the inaugural Annals of Botany Plants (AoBP) Early Career Open Science (ECOS) award.

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Larry York, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem Farmers and ranchers are challenged to feed a world with more and more people without using more land and while restoring land that has been degraded. They face...