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Upcoming events, seminars, workshops, and educational events from the Noble Research Institute.

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Plant Breeding

Plant breeding is the science of changing plant genetics to create new varieties with increased productivity or value-added traits, such as drought tolerance, nutritional value or disease resistance....
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Elison Blancaflor, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem Crop cultivars for sustainable agricultural systems should exhibit minimal growth and developmental defects when water and nutrients are limiting or when their...
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Carolyn Young, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem Sustainable plant production is greatly influenced by plant-associated microorganisms. Beneficial microbes enhance plant growth and improve persistence, whereas...
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Twain Butler, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem As new technologies and cultivars are developed, livestock producers need to know the best management practices and economics prior to making the decision to adopt...
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Xuefeng Ma, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem During the winter season, warm-season grasses are dormant and unproductive. This contributes to a forage production gap between warm-season and cool-season perennials...
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Wolf Scheible, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem Phosphorus is one of the indispensable macronutrients for plant growth, development, and ultimately crop and forage yield. Millions of tons of synthetic phosphorus...
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Patrick Zhao, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem Problem 1: Advancing Bioinformatics for Plant Genotype-Phenotype (G2P) Association DiscoveryPlants have evolved highly sophisticated mechanisms and efficient phenotypes...
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James Rogers, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem Problem 1: Cover crops have received great interest in the past few years as a way to improve soil health and reduce wind and soil erosion. Cover crops are generally...
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