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Scientists study plant-microbe interactions in switchgrass

How do you grow healthier, hardier plants for livestock and people? One answer may lie in the relationship between naturally occurring, beneficial microbes and prairie grass commonly seen in the Great Plains.
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New Institute Launched to Help Improve Nation's Soil Health

With more than one million organisms in a single teaspoon of Earth, soil is the starting point for plant, animal and human life.
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Technology Plays Crucial Roles in Land Stewardship

Working at a research organization means we get to use some of the coolest, new technology. It’s a lot of fun! In all seriousness, though, rapid advancements in technology are allowing us to answer...
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Lloyd Noble Scholars in Plant Science

One summer... That's all the time it takes to discover a passion, explore the unseen worlds of plant science and set a course that can change your life. The Lloyd Noble Scholars in Plant Science...
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Prussic Acid Poisoning in Grazing Livestock

To prevent prussic acid poisoning, livestock should not graze sorghum or sorghum-sudan grass hybrids immediately after frost, drought or other stress.

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Plant Breeding

Plant breeding is the science of changing plant genetics to create new varieties with increased productivity or value-added traits, such as drought tolerance, nutritional value or disease resistance....