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Brian Hays

Hays’ areas of interest include rangeland management, grassland restoration and watershed management. Before coming to the Noble Research Institute in 2019, Hays was an extension specialist with...
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Ryon Walker, Ph.D.

Walker serves as a livestock consultant in the producer relations program. His areas of emphasis include: estrous synchronization and artificial insemination (AI), management strategies to improve...
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Tim Boatright

Boatright is responsible for equipment maintenance and repair on all equipment used on Noble Research Institute farms. He is also responsible for training agricultural staff on the safe and proper...
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Darla Warren

Warren has served as the administrative assistant for agricultural operations and farm services staff since March 2013. Her career with Noble Research Institute started in January 2007 as an...
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Derick Warren

Warren serves as a research assistant for the small plots group. He joined the Noble Research Institute in November 1996. Prior to coming to the Noble Research Institute, he cut and baled hay for...
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Christopher Hall

Hall serves as a pecan management systems research technician. Before coming to the Noble Research Institute, he was a college student working for farmers and ranchers in the Tishomingo, Oklahoma,...
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Charlie Graham, Ph.D.

Charles J. “Charlie” Graham was raised on a farm in Anderson County, Texas. After college, Graham worked on diseases in cotton and Chile peppers at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. He...
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Curtis Larson

Larson has worked for the Noble Research Institute since 2007. Previously, he managed a ranch in Sulphur, Oklahoma.
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Larry York, Ph.D.

Current Research The Problem Farmers and ranchers are challenged to feed a world with more and more people without using more land and while restoring land that has been degraded. They face...
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