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Medicago Crossing Videos

Crossing Medicago truncatula Cross-Pollination of Normal Medicago truncatula Cross-Pollination of Mutant Male Sterile Medicago truncatula
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When at first you do not succeed, you must try, try again

Looking at the stubborn seeds that had refused to germinate, it was clear that we would be repeating the experiment for the third time. The 360 sad, little Medicago truncatula seeds stared up at me from within their plastic tubes and refused to offer any usable data.

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Introducing the Alfalfa Breeder's Toolbox

To help advance agricultural research, scientists at the Noble Research Institute have developed the Alfalfa Breeder's Toolbox. This comprehensive, web-based portal serves as a community resource...
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Million Tadege: Mechanistic understanding of leaf blade lateral expansion in Medicago truncatula

Million Tadege, Ph.D., from the Institute for Agricultural Biosciences at Oklahoma State University, presented "Mechanistic understanding of leaf blade lateral expansion in Medicago truncatula", as part of the Research Seminar Series.

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Plant-Microbe Interactions

Plant-microbe interactions describe a broad range of scientific studies concerning how microbes interact with plants at the molecular biology and molecular genetics level. Plants and microbes can...
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Genomics focuses on understanding how the instructions coded in DNA lead to growth and development of plants and microorganisms. Noble Research Institute genomic-related programs encompass both the...
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Greenhouse Core Facility

The Greenhouse Core Facility group manages the 65 growth chambers and greenhouse facilities available to researchers. Overview At more than 45,000 square feet, the greenhouse facility is the largest,...
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Molecular and Biological Materials Core Facility

The Molecular and Biological Materials Core Facility hosts two major resources: molecular resources and biological materials. Overview For the molecular resources, the Molecular and Biological...
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